EP plenary session - State of the Energy Union
- 17.06.2021

Green MEPs and MPs around the Baltic sea express firm disapproval of the Nord Stream 2

In a joint statement Greens around the Baltic sea express firm disapproval of and opposition to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project. The joint statement is signed by Green MEPs and MPs from Finland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania and Poland.

Ville Niinistö, MEP Greens/EFA, comments:

“Nord Stream 2 stands in sharp contrast to the EU Green Deal. Now is the time for historical climate commitments, not new fossil fuel projects. Neither the EU, nor individual member states should be promoting or hosting such controversial projects. By investing in renewables and deepening the energy union we not only address climate change but also increase our energy independence.”

Bronis Ropė, MEP Greens/EFA, comments:

“Nord Stream 2 might be beneficial for several countries, especially, Russia. But the rest of Europe, especially, its eastern part, will pay a very high price in the future, if this project becomes operational. Putin’s pipeline is nothing but a tool to divide Europe, to keep Europe dependent on Russian gas, to hurt Ukraine and to derail Europe’s green transition. Nord Stream 2 is a project of the past. We still have sufficient capacity in Nord Stream 1. If we open the gates for the Nord Stream 2, the countries, joining this Nord Stream 2 party, will lose any impetus to accelerate the transition to a climate neutral Europe.” 

Read the joint statement here (PDF)