Olen Vihreiden puheenjohtaja ja ympäristöministeri.

Ville Niinistö
olen vuonna 1976 syntynyt valtiotieteiden
maisteri, Vihreiden puheenjohtaja, kansanedustaja ja ympäristöministeri.



In English

I am a 34-year-old Member of Parliament in Finland, representing the Green party. I became active in politics because the future of the world is a too big of an issue to be neglected. I come from the Southwestern part of Finland, from the historic city of Turku. Nowadays I live both in Turku and Stockholm with my family. My wife, Maria Wetterstrand, is an MP and the party leader of the Green party in Sweden. We have two children, Elias (born 2004) and Linnea (2007).

I define myself as a social liberal Green. I believe that a good society guarantees wide individual rights for all citizens to pursue a life of their own choosing. The state has, however, to guarantee that all individuals have a possibility to pursue their freedom. People can not be free in a society where disparage division of income force many to poverty or deprive them of equal opportunities for education, health and work.

The Greens are the party that best understands the challenges our modern society faces. We have solutions to the challenges posed by climate change, economic crisis and a turbulent working life. Green solutions build a ecologically sustainable society where all men and women are equal.